Fiscal Cliff Financial Planning

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The fiscal cliff is coming.

Are you prepared for it?

Here’s some fiscal cliff financial planning advice

Are you prepared for the fiscal cliff?

Are you prepared for the fiscal cliff?

You have until Dec. 31 to make changes to your portfolio. Probably the biggest fiscal cliff need is tax planning.

This year is different than others.

If you have taxable gains, many accounting experts are suggesting you take your gains this year because they feel capital gain taxes will increase next year and the foreseeable future.

What we’ve told our clients in the past is to matchup gains with losses. This year is a little bit different.

After what I just said about what the tax experts are saying about expected fiscal cliff capital gain increases next year, the strategy is to take your gains this year and postpone those losses to next year.

That’s because losses will have more value benefit to you next year than this year.

Fiscal cliff preparation involves gifting.

If you’re older and want money to go to your children which will lower the size of your estate, the maximum gift allowed this year is $13,000, going up to $14,000 next year.

Look at your 401(k) account if you haven’t done so already. Make sure you’ve contribute as much as you can allowed by law.

There are differences in the rules and regulations regarding traditional and Roth IRA’s and too numerous to mention in this article.

So I’ll present those to you in my next article in a few days.

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Thanks for reading and watching and watch soon for my second part what to be doing now and before the fiscal cliff hits you and your investment and retirement accounts.

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